Margarine and Edible oils Technology


Oils & Fats

It is a multi parameter task to ensure the best profitability in your product. Of course the oils & fats composition have the biggest impact to the cost quality constraint – comprising parameters such as

•  Mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids
•  Trans fatty acids
•  Interesterified products
•  Solid Fat Content
•  Melting Point
•  Crystallisation behaviour
•  Availability
•  Final Application

Functional Ingredients

Although the cost-contribution from these ingredients is minor compared to the impact deriving from the oils and fats - an inspection of your existing recipes may most likely reveal alternative products or dosing and corresponding cost-savings. Maybe even improving your product at the same time.

•  Emulsifiers
•  Processing aids
•  Hydrocolloids
•  Antioxidants
•  Flavour

From earlier employments I have a detailed technical and practical understanding about functional ingredients and their applications - contact me to explore the possibilities.

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