Margarine and Edible oils Technology

Business & justification

Global suppliers of ingredients tends to segment their customers and focus their time and interest to “key-accounts” and other premium clients. Newcomers, smaller and medium sized companies are often lost in the combat for achieving technical and other services - sales service being the only leftovers.

As a matter of course you will constantly like to improve your process efficiency, increase the per-formance of excisting products or develop new ones – or maybe have an interest in updating your technology or explore new segments in the market. Anyway - I may certainly be able to help you.

In the strictest confidentiality, I will work with you, developing products and systems, running trials and providing on-site assistance to speed up the route to market and test every possibility.

Just a hint: if we together – without compromising or maybe even improving the quality - can cost optimise each ton of your production with 20 USD – how would this impact your bottom line…?

Dealing with Marg-Tech means benefiting from global experience and know-how without sacrificing local needs.

If you want to retrieve this service – do not hesitate to contact me.

Let us unfold your entire potential

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