Margarine and Edible oils Technology


Yellow fats & Related products

Marg-Tech has the recipe and processing know-how to tailor-made any product to the retail and food service sector as well as the craft baker and industrial sector. Irrespective of whether you are looking for 100, 80 or 20% fat content. Irrespective if your source of fat is animal or vegetable.

•  Retail & food service sector
     •  Margarine & spreads
     •  Liquid margarine
     •  Low calorie products
     •  Butter & Butter-blends (Melange)

•  Professional users
     •  Puff-Pastry
     •  Cake and Cream
     •  Shortening
     •  Compound

•  Industrial sector
     •  Shortening
     •  Puff & Pastry
     •  Cake & Cream
     •  Liquid margarine
     •  Liquid shortening
     •  Liquid bread improver
     •  Compounds – High Ratio

•  Specialities
     •  Low in trans fatty acids
     •  Low in saturates
     •  Without hardened oils
     •  High in polyunsaturated fatty acids


Marg-Tech has equal know-how about flow-sheets and lay-outs for your processing line. Irrespecti-ve whether it is complete installation or a minor extension - extract our knowledge from several in-stallations manual or automated. See achievements.

•  Process line
     •  Oil storage
     •  Emulsifier blend
     •  Water phase preparation
     •  Emulsion preparation
     •  Heat treatment
     •  Crystallisation
     •  Cleaning in place
     •  Packing lines
     •  Warehouse conditions

Marg-Tech is focused solely on margarine and related products. Our focus is our strength.

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