Margarine and Edible oils Technology



From green-field to 12.000 m² state-of-the-art operation comprising fully automated tank farm for oils and fats, fermentation of milk, emulsion preparation, crystallisation and warehouse plus labora-tory and test facilities e.g. pilot plant and bakery. Five lines – total capacity 80.000 tons/year of mixed retail, food sector and industrial products. The job included total new set of trans-free recipes, recruitment, training and education...

Two turn-key margarine-plants in Algeria. This job included formulation of recipes, sourcing of oils and fats, training and education of local staff and running in the plants.

Project management for new puff-pastry line – including new SCADA interface with recipe management for the entire plant.

Project management - single line for retail margarine

Project management - single line for retail margarine

United Nations
Feasibility study in Tunisia

Feasibility study in Lithuania


To the above engineering tasks also products was developed to fit local demands as an integrated part of the “package”.

Trans Fatty Acids

In the resent years there has been a focus to replace hydrogenated fat in yellow fats products. Denmark took the lead back in the mid nineties when the yellow-fats industries offered trans-free products to the customers and industries. Five years later this initiative was laid down in Danish food legislation heavily limiting the use of trans fatty acids in food. If this trend is a challenge for your region well - I do have useful knowledge and hands-on experience to help you forward.

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